Through a highly skilled and motivated team of service engineers, Holland Hydraulics B.V. offers customers a wide range of services, worldwide. Our service engineers are fully trained and certified to operate our own equipment and carry out the necessary work on location, in a time efficient matter, keeping safety in mind and without the loss quality.

We understand that any delay or downtime could have a large impact at the customer’s facility. Therefore we offer 24/7 service. The short internal communication lines enable us to respond quickly and adequately when a customer requests for service. With our “Workshop on wheels”, we are able to provide service on location, quickly and efficiently.

Holland Hydraulics B.V. provides customers with scheduled maintenance, in-house or on location. On request, the customer can obtain a maintenance contract with us. This to ensure that the installed systems will operate at the optimum level, and that the risk of downtime of machinery and production process is minimized.

  • We offer:
    – Installation of own systems and power packs;
  • – Commissioning;
  • – Maintenance:
  •   – Preventative maintenance checks;
  •   – Particle counts on site;
  •   – Oil analysis;
  •   – Testing, monitoring, and verification:
  •        – Cycles
  •        – Flow
  •        – Cleanliness test
  •        – Peak pressure
  •        – Pressure
  •        – Temperature control
  • – Documentation and training;
  • – Emergency service (24/7);
  • – Overhaul and repairs;
  • – Remote and on location support.


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