KAM HANDBOOK BEL 2.2.1 – Quality Policy

The policy of Holland Hydraulics B.V. has quality as their key priority. Holland Hydraulics B.V. strives in their work ethic towards a persistent improvement of quality and conscious attention to strive towards a higher level of customer satisfaction. This is possible at Holland Hydraulics B.V. due to the following aspects:

– The advance of a client-oriented stance and the consciousness towards the wishes of said clients, as expected from all co-workers.

– The superintention of the quality of the provided products and services by providers and subcontractors.

– Care for a good measure of implementation and maintenance of the quality management- and VCA-system within our organization and further optimalization thereof.

– The aspiration towards the greatest possible involvement of the co-workers with the execution and optimalization of the quality management- and VCA-system.

– The minimization of errors and deviations within the entire organization.

– Measurements and improvements of the organization, business processes, company resources, and collaborators.

– The insight and abidance of the standards, norms, and rules that are to be followed, as expected of Holland Hydraulics B.V. and the relevant laws.

The executive board hereby seeks the requisite information of her clients and market segments to receive insight in the measure of customer satisfaction in regards to the products and services delivered by Holland Hydraulics B.V.

The executive board of Holland Hydraulics B.V. will support the aforementioned declarations and aspects of policy through fixed quality goals and planning. In order to reach certain goals, the executive board shall therefore make the requisite resources available, under pretense that it be economically attainable.

The executive board of Holland Hydraulics B.V. shall see to the state of affairs of the objectives decided upon, and shall see to it that they be evaluated annually. Additionally, she shall inform her collaborators in association towards the policy and objectives of the organization.

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