We offer our customers a comprehensive solution to customer specific applications. We integrate all phases of the process under in-house, to ensure the optimal hydraulic solution to our customer, without compromising efficiency and quality. Therefore Holland Hydraulics B.V. is a full service partner.


The customer is not always sure about what kind of solution, system or product they need for their application. The first step in the whole process is defining the needs. We work closely together with the customer to analyze and define the specific needs. When the needs are defined, we use our extensive know-how and experience to define the optimal solution that meet the exact requirements.


Our experienced and certified technical engineers install the hydraulic solutions on location with the minimum possible impact to the continuity of the customers’ production process. The engineers ensure that the installation process is and remains safe, reliable and efficient at all times.


Our skilled engineers develop customised solutions which are adapted to the application-specific requirements: from basic engineering to highly detailed designs with system specifications and 3D drawings. Our engineers have divers backgrounds, disciplines and skills, giving them the unique level of knowledge and experience to meet the requirements. Close and direct cooperation and short internal communication lines allows quick and efficient project handling, even when a plan is modified. the appointed project engineer consults, guides and assist our customers throughout the entire duration of the project.


After installing the hydraulic system, commissioning on site by our engineers give reliability and sustainability on location. Extensive testing procedure ensure our hydraulic systems and solutions are of the highest standards. We use different commissioning procedures depending on the manufacturing process, systems and products used. Our service engineers work closely together with the service engineers and employees on location to make sure of the optimal start up. Following a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and training the system is handed over to the customer.


A professional production process and extensive testing procedures ensure our equipment and solutions are of the highest quality and safety standards. Most solutions are assembled at our facilities as suppling our customers with high-quality, prefabricated solutions reduces time, effort and costs. A Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is performed as a last check of requirements, quality and safety standards, before installation of the hydraulic solution at location.


Through a highly skilled and motivated team of service engineers, we offer our customers a wide range of services, worldwide. Our engineers are fully trained and certified to operate our own equipment and carry out the necessary work on location, in a time efficient matter, keeping safety in mind and without the loss quality.

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The design and assembly of control panels and cabinets, and the electrical installation is carried out working closely with our specialised partners to ensure that the controls are in compliance with the required high quality and safety standards. We make certain that the controls meet the customer specific requirements, as controls are also an important aspect of the comprehensive solution we provide to our customer.

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