Specialist in electro/mechanical drive technology

Holland Actuators B.V. is specialised in drive technology and high-quality electro/mechanical systems used in the industrial, maritime, and offshore market. Holland Actuators B.V. is a sister organisation of Holland Hydraulics B.V. and over the years, they have built a well-established reputation, serving customers worldwide as a reliable partner.

With a team of skilled engineers, extensive know-how and experience, they secure the optimum customer-specific solution. Holland Actuators B.V. works closely together with our customers and suppliers all over the world and we keep the communication lines short. This enables them to meet the requirements excellently.

Linear drive technology is a good solution to almost every application which requires precision and safe linear movement, regardless the transfer, height, or speed. With our high-quality electro/mechanical components, systems, and Turn-Key solutions, they establish this precise and safe linear movement. The product range includes: screw-Jacks, linear actuators, screw supports, bevel gearboxes, and accessories. 

Holland Actuators B.V. manage the entire procedure of consultancy, engineering, manufacturing, controls, installation and commissioning, and provide the customer with components, systems and Turn-Key solutions. Holland Actuators provides a comprehensive solution based on customer-specific criteria. 

All electro/mechanical components, systems and solutions are in accordance with the required quality and safety standards.

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Holland Actuators B.V.

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