Our brands

As a specialist on the area of hydraulic systems, Holland Hydraulics offers a broad package of components. From pumps and motors to filter elements, valves and cilinders. With this programme, which is completed with advice and technical support, the companies in all industries are served. Through our rapid delivery and the wide range of products, failure of systems is limited or even avoided.

We are amongst others importers of:

HKS 1. Rotary actuators
2. Rotary-lift-combinations
3. Valve actuator
heblogo 1. Round cylinders
2. Standard cylinders
3. Block cylinders
4. Accessories
SSH_logo 1. Stainless steel hydraulic cylinders
2. Stainless steel hydraulic valves
3. Stainless steel hydraulic handpumps
internormen 1. Filter technique
2. Filter elements
parker 1. Pumps and motors
2. Valves
3. Sensocontrol
4. Filter elements
5. Fluid Connectors
Scanwill 1. Pressure intensifiers
importeurschappen-5 1. Valve technique
2. Power units
3. LS-valves
4. Manifolds
5. Prop. technique – Elektronics
jahns-holland-hydraulics 1. Gear flow dividers
2. Radialplunjer flowdividers
3. Multiple room cylinder flowdividers